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Trekking - Padum Tsomoriri (Zanskar+Rupsho)

Padum Tsomoriri (Zanskar+Rupsho)


This is the only trekking route, which connects Zanskar with the Rupsho / Kharnak Valley. Its totally in to the wild trekking route with no connection to any villages for many days. It includes crossing lots of high passes, possibility to visit remote villages of Zanskar and Rupsho/Kharnak. You  will witness wild animals eveyday, and on the way, you will experience the serene beauty of two beautuful lakes - Tsokar and Tsomoriri, and the most beautiful Phutkal Monastery in the beginning. 

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day 1. Drive Padum to Anmoo and Trek To Tsetang (3821 m). 4 hrs.

    Today it  will be a easy day trek. You will drive Padum to leh it will take about 3 hours. On the way you will visit Bardan & Mune Monastery. You will crossthe village like Pibcha, mune, raru, Ichar and  garashesa. On arrive at anmoo you will cross the bridge and trek for 30 minutes. Overnight Camp at Tsetang. 

  • Day 2. Tsetang to Phuktal (3923 m) 5.5 hrs

    Morning after breakfast you will continue your trek along the Tsarap river. The routes will be with some up and  downs. On the way you will cross Surle, kalbok, Cha, Purne and Khangsar Village. Overnight Camp. 

  • Day 3. Phuktal to Shade (4211m) 5 hrs

    You will leave Phuktal , At the starting it will be  little ascend then continue decend for half hour. On the way at some part the routes will be nerrow. You need towalk carefully. Before arriving Thangtak you will cross small river. Thangtak is small village with small monastery. After 45 minutes you will arrive Shade. Shade is beautiful village. Overnight Camp. 

  • Day 4.Shade to BaseNyalokongtse (4253 m) 4 hrs

    It will be a easy day trek You wll decend till Thangtak village . afer continur along the valley of Nyalokongtse. You will camp at the Base of Nyalokongtse . After it will not be possible to get drinking water. Overnight Camp. 

  • Day 5. Base Nyalokongtse to Hormoche (3923 m) via Nyalokongtse (4835 m) & Gotungtala (5152 m) . 7.5 hrs

    Today will be the longest day trek of your whole trek . You have to start very early in the morning. It will take almost 4 hours to arrive at the first pass called Nyalo kuntse 4430 mtrs, after that continue to the second pass Gothurstatar la 4620 mtrs.  In between these two pass you will find a beautiful view of a lake.  The landscape are totally different. From  the top of  pass you will have long decent till shun village. This day usually people see wild animals like Fox, ibex, olf etc. You will arrive at the camp late . Shun is a old village but now days people are migrated to Chumik gyasa. Overnight in the camp near a small monastery.

  • Day 6. Hormoche to Satak (4011) 5 hrs

      Morning after breakfast as usual you will start your trek, You will see the shun village on the otherside of the Tsarap River. The village is enough big but you will find nobody there. There is also a Nunnery which is near to our camp.  After half an hour of trek you have to cross a little river. After that all the way are good with pasture and some up and down. In the evening you will camp at Satak village. Satak is village of one house but nowdays there are no people staying they are migrated to Chumikgasa. You will find the fields without cultivated.  Overnight in the camp. 

  • Day 7. Satak to Tsokmetsik (4079m) 5 hrs

    This is the day with  some up and downs till Tsokmetsek. You will find a small bridge on the way. And the landscape look very beautiful. Now you will feel easy to walk and there are not much climb up like big passes. And you are physically and mentally use to it.  You will arrive at the camp called Tsokmetsek. There are many plants around the camp. Tonight you will enjoy the fire camp with staffs. Overnight in the camp 

  • Day 8. Tsokmetsik to Takstago (4550m) via Morangla pass (5260 m) 6.5 hrs

    Today is easy walk following the narrow valley passing through stream river and bushes at the starting. After it will be  very steep climb till Marang la pass (5260m) and rest at top. The trek down on other side is initially steep, leading to a broad plateau. From her the trek is a gentle descent through many valleys till  set up camp.  

  • Day 9. Takstago to zabuk Yokma (4327 M) 5 hrs

    At the first one and half hour it will be quite steep climb. You will cross small passes. After having a rest at the top of small pass, Continure decend till camp. On the way it will be meadow andbeautiful landscape. Overnight Camp.

  • Day 10. Zabuk Yokma to Zara (4622 m) 5 hrs

    Now you are in valley og Runsho and Kharnak, You will find lots of animals and sheep.  On the way you will cross somesmall village. Overnight camp

  • Day 11. Zara to Pangunugu/Tsokar lake 4653 mtr 5.5 hrs

    Leaving the nomad camp after breakfast, you should arrive on the Manali road after just an hour’s walk. From here, an opening into the Tsokar basin lies in front of you, and it is a short 2 hour walk to your camp at Pangunagu. For the rest of the day, you can explore the TsoKar basin - an afternoon walk to the shore of the lake (45 min) should be considered a must. overnight camp. 

  • Day 12. Pangunangu to Nuruchan 4681 mtr 5:30 hrs

    Today its an easy walk along the lake. motorable road nad take the some direction from the end of stupa along the road. after sometime you can have view of Agriculture field. and the 4712m. 3/4 site is just next to the field near the river. 

  • Day 13. Nuruchan to Gyama Barma (5195m) via Kyamar la (5418) 6 hrs

    AS easy ascend to the pass takes around i hours 30 minutes. the trailtruns towards north east just after crossing the pass through the velly. the camp site is across the river at the base of the kyamayurla pass.

  • Day 14. Gyama barma to Gyamar (5159) via Kartsela (5384m) 6 hrs

    Start climbing kartsela la pass 5384m as soon azs you leave your campwhich takes around 2hrs. at average speed. the last climbis tiring one . after the pass the trail leads towards north east and at the end of the velly trail start ascending another small pass called gyamaila 5100m from where you can have view of a group of peaks.walk down towards north east and cross a small river 

  • Day 15. Gyamar to Korzok/Tsomoriri (4554m) via Yalung Nyaula (5437m)

    Start an easy ascent to the korzok pass along the takes around 2 hrs to reach the top from where you can have wondeful view of the lake. then steep down to korzok village. you can also camps are lake if you have extra day rest


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