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Trekking - Rumtse to Kibber

Rumtse to Kibber


Rumtse to Kibber is a route, connecting both Ladakh & Spiti Valley, and this is the only route where you can discover both Ladakh and Spiti Valley. On this route, you will have oppourtunity to visit two beautiful lakes like Tsokar & Tsomoriri, You will have oppurtunity to visit Nomadic life people living with Yaks and sheeps, a chance to experience Wild Life and lots of beautiful Landscapes. 

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day 1. Rumtse to Kyamar (4538 mtrs ) 6 hrs

    Morning after the break fast cross the riverand entre in to the velly through a rough motorable road. after walking for a few minutes cross the river to the left and walk in some direction. cross another tributries coming from the right side.walk throught the some velly finally you truns to the norht and the camp site. next to sephards place.

  • Day 2 Kyamar to Tisaling [ 4940 mtrs ] via kyumur la 5071 mtrs & mandalchan la [5207 mtrs] 7 hrs.

    After a few minutes walk from the campsite the ascent of kyumur la stars its easy but very long way to reach the top. there are beautiful flowers on the way. from the top of the pass the trail divides in to two one goes to your left which leads towards same destination but one day longer.
    you can take the trail falls on your right hand side. which goes down to stream and start climbing another pass across the stream. there is no trail to be seen for sometimes. but after few minutes, a clear trailleads you to the topof mandalchan la 4996m. the trail goes further up and then steep down ot a beautiful area called Tisaling. pitch your tent here near the stream.

  • Day 3. TISALING TO PANGUNAGU [TSOKAR] 4398mVIA Shibuk la 5016m 7hrs.

    Today you have to cross shibukla near the camp site. there are two hill saddle, so you have cross right saddle . as soon as you come on the top of the pass yuo can have view of tsokar lake. walk down the to tsokar lake through as easy decent through the soo as finish the velly walk through the hill as the camp site is just behind the hill.

  • Day 4 Pangunangu to Nuruchan 4678 mtr 5:30 hrs.

    Today its an easy walk along the lake. motorable road nad take the some direction from the end of stupa along the road. after sometime you can have view of Agriculture field. and the 4712m. 3/4 site is just next to the field near the river.

  • Day 5 Trek Nuruchan to Gyama Barma 5195 mtrs 6 hrs

    As easy ascend to the pass takes around i hours 30 minutes. the trailtruns towards north east just after crossing the pass through the velly. the camp site is across the river at the base of the kyamayurla pass.

  • Day 6 Gyama Barma to Gyamar 5157 mtr ( 5 hrs)

    As easy ascend to the pass takes around i hours 30 minutes. the trailtruns towards north east just after crossing the pass through the velly. the camp site is acStart climbing kyamayur la pass 5125m as soon azs you leave your campwhich takes around 2hrs. at average speed. the last climbis tiring one . after the pass the trail leads towards north east and at the end of the velly trail start ascending another small pass called gyamaila 5100m from where you can have view of a group of peaks.walk down towards north east and cross a small river ross the river at the base of the kyamayurla pass.

  • Day 7 Gyamar to Korzok (Tsomoriri) 4553 mtrs 6 hrs.

    Start an easy ascent to the korzok pass along the takes around 2 hrs to reach the top from where you can have wondeful view of the lake. then steep down to korzok village. you can also camps are lake if you have extra day rest.

  • Day 8. Korzok to Kangdam 4527 mtrs 5 hrs.

    Today it is easy walk along the lake towards south east.the camp site is just at the end of the lake.

  • Day 9. Kangdam to Nurboo Sumdoo 4530 mtr 5 hrs

    As soon as you leave kyangdam cross the river and walk towards east through a plain ground .after two hours walk you will see a spring water walk to the same direction leaving camp site behind and the just cross the river.

  • Day 10 Nurboo Sumdoo to GetpaBuzak 4632 mtrs 5 hrs

     Today it is again an easy walk along the parangchu to the south. the camp site is just before up.and down.

  • Day 11. Gatpa Buzak to Tharang Yokma. 4731 mtrs . 5 hrs

    Walk towards the same direction passing through several up down and the camp site is after crossing a tributries coming from the east.

  • Day 12. Tharang Yokma to Parangla Base 5083 mtrs 4.5 hrs

    Today it is an easy walk .WALK TO THE SAME DIRECTION TILL A HUGE ROCK FROM WHERE you have to cross the river to the right . walk ahead to the base of parang la .

  • Day 13. Parangla Base to Thaltak (4412 mtr ) via Parangla 5578 mtr. 6.5 hrs

    Today you have to cross the parang la pass through the glacier. walk from left side of the glacier. through the foot hill till the caravas becomes very narrow or finishes and walk towardssouth to the top of the pass. the pass has prayer flages and an other side is dry and very steep down. Walk down to the river it is called parangchu]and walk to wards east along the river through a narrow gorge3.the camp site is reach up the hillwhich have spring water at the campsite.

  • Day 14. Thaltak to Kibber 4105 mtr. 6 hrs

    Walk towards east and you can have view of kibbervillagejust after a small pass across the river .and have a luch kibber village on the way visit key gonpa. overnight hotel at kaza.


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